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I’m Patti Diamond AKA Diva Patti and I help frugal people be fabulous and show fabulous people how to be frugal.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to live a life filled with style, elegance and grace and I can show you how. I write bullet-proof recipes, family fun ideas, inspiration for holiday and party planning, décor, fashion and beauty tips.

This blog is a new incarnation of my previous website. I’ve been around for a while now and want to thank my readers both long time and new. Your support means the world to me and you are the ones who inspire me to be a better writer, a better person and to continue to scour the world for frugal and fabulous ideas to share with YOU.

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“Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death!” Auntie Mame



About me

Fearless home cook, lover of all things elegant and stylish, world traveler, connoisseur of life, a self styled, Auntie Mame kind of a gal.
I like things fancy but I’m not a snob.



I’m actually the opposite of a snob. I believe we all desire and deserve grace and beauty in our lives and such things should be available to everyone. Not just reserved for the wealthy.
I believe everyone should live like a Diva, even if you’re living on a dime.


TMI about me

I read my first cookbook cover to cover when I was six years old while acting out the recipes pretending I had a cooking show in my basement and I’ve read cookbooks like novels ever since. I know. Total dork.
If that’s not bad enough – I constantly burst out in song because everything is a song lyric to me.
I was raised on MGM musicals and am somewhat obsessed with old Hollywood.


I come from a background as a professional in the entertainment industry. I started out as a tap dancing teapot at age three and started working as a child actor and model when I was 11 years old.



My husband Bob (AKA Divo Bob) and I have spent over 60 years between us as musical theater performers in national tours, regional theater, cabaret and in concert.


Bob and I spent six years as headline vocal entertainers, living on board cruise ships, mainly Crystal Cruises and Holland America Line. Not only did I get to immerse myself in staggering feats of hospitality on a daily basis but I got to plunge into different cultures around the globe.


But most importantly; it’s amazing what you can learn when you make nice-nice with the chefs. It was like my own private (six year long!) master class.



Along the way, I became a licensed cosmetologist and make-up artist working in film and television. In addition to special effect make-up for film, I’ve worked for USA Network, ABC, CBS and NBS news (I designed make-up for the anchors) and as a special event artist for many cosmetic lines including Lancôme, Clinique, Estee Lauder and Revlon.


For 3 years I’ve been writing a weekly column that appears in several southern Nevada newspapers.
I also spent a year as Editor in Chief of a lifestyle magazine where I learned a lot about the businesses of writing and publishing and for that I am forever grateful.


Now besides being a writer/blogger, I’m a homeschooling Mom of two boys, wife to Bob for 25 years and a longtime singer/dancer/actress/whatever and owner/operator of an event planning and entertainment booking agency.


I quit performing 12 years ago so I could eat cookies and drink wine.


Oh, and I’m married to Santa Claus


Thanks for reading!